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Cleantech Group & Green Innovations: ACCELERATOR PARTNERS

Geplaatst op: 27 januari 2016

Cleantech Group (CTG) will position Green Innovations as an Accelerator Partner for cleantech start-ups & growth stage companies on its i3 Connect platform. Find more information on https://i3connect.com/about_us_partners.

Cleantech Group’s mission is to accelerate sustainable innovation. Core to this mission is i3 Connect, an online platform connecting corporates with innovation, at scale, by allowing them to find, vet, and connect with start-ups.

Green Innovations is a Business Development & Sales Accelerator for start-ups in the Cleantech Industry with transformational innovations helping start-ups to grow their businesses and increase revenue. Green Innovations offers commercial due diligence and Cleantech-2-Market services for companies that would like to enter the European market and jump-start their sales.

“Based on our knowledge and experiences with successful product introductions to new markets, Green Innovations has developed a unique stepped sales approach to commercialize Cleantech innovations” said Mike Philips, Managing Director at Green Innovations.

Stephen Marcus, Director @ i3 Connect commented: “Accelerators are becoming more important for Cleantech Group and i3 Connect. Green Innovations is a specialized Partner with a unique position to help bridge the gap for international cleantech companies looking to enter European markets. Many companies on i3 Connect want to grow their businesses at a global scale and Europe is an attractive market.”
For more information, please visit:
I3 Platform – https://i3connect.com/

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